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Irving Youth Theatre is dedicated to providing live theatrical production opportunities for the young people of Irving without charging large fees. Most participant costs associated with the production involve paying for the souvenir script (usually $25.00), purchasing and/or selling 10 show tickets, and providing your own costume for the show.

Scholarships are available based on need. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Tentative Dates for Upcoming Shows!

Beauty & the Beast6th – 12th Grades
B&B AuditionsDue by May TBD 2024
Audition WorkshopTBD 2024
Parent & Cast/Crew MeetingTBD 2024
RehearsalsSaturdays, TBD
Show DatesOctober TBD 2024
Summer CampJune 2024
Moana, Jr.2nd-8th Grades
Audition Guide – for the current show.

So, you want to be in the show?

Here are some important things to remember when you are auditioning!


Know the show you are auditioning for – what types of characters, what types of songs, where would you best fit into the show?

Prepare the monologue and/or song selection based on the style of the show.

Memorize and be ready with your ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM!!

Follow Directions

Know the location you will be auditioning and arrive early.

Give yourself time to prepare and BREATHE before being called into the audition.

If the audition calls for providing a bio or resume and headshot, have those prepared.

If the audition is video-based or digital, follow directions about format and parental permissions.

Be sure to READ everything carefully so you know what to expect.

Slate Yourself

When you slate yourself, you are basically introducing yourself. Smile and look at the directors/audition panel. Be prepared to share your name, age, grade or other biographical information requested by the audition team. Also, practice saying the titles of the pieces you will present and their authors.

After you slate, find a point of focus to look with your eyes and present your monologue and/or song. Then make eye contact again with the audition panel and say, “Thank you.” Wait a beat to see if they have anything further for you.

Audition Tips for Students (NTPA)

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Download the Drama Notebook article about Auditioning and Monologues!